Amscot Financial launches new campaign to reach consumer segment across core Florida markets

Amscot Financial reveald its 6th Spanish-bilingual campaign geared toward a critically important consumer segment across core Florida markets. The new, original campaign highlights convenient financial services available to a wide range of consumers from new arrivals resettling in Florida, to entrepreneurially spirited, first-generation families and career-building millennials.A market with a greatest share of foreign-born residents, Greater Miami outranks New York with the largest concentration in small business growth. “Miami ranked #1 for small business growth in the nation. ‘One is a rise in immigration, since many entrepreneurs bring high skills to the area. Another is a shift to more gig-oriented work.” Forbes: Why Miami is the Top City for Small Business Growth in 2019

“We embrace and celebrate our Latino community’s positive impact across our local communities and continue to help them manage their daily financial needs with fast access to cash, on-the-spot check cashing and bill pay services, through immediate access to friendly, bilingual, neighborhood branches,” said Ian MacKechnie, founder and CEO of Amscot Financial. “At Amscot, we are committed to servicing these thriving communities as a reliable financial partner.”

The Venezuelan migration crisis is the largest of its kind to hit Latin America with many immigrating to the U.S with the goal to reestablish themselves and support family back home. “The exact number of Venezuelans in Florida is not clear, but University of Miami study released in February estimates that more than 200,000 have settled in South Florida since 2014, with the majority in Miami-Dade and Broward counties, and growing to surrounding communities like Palm Beach county essentially starting their lives from scratch.” Palm Beach Post: Venezuelans Fleeing to Palm Beach County. It’s Like Starting from Zero

Founder and President of Semilla AD, Gabriela Alcantara-Diaz, reiterated how “Our campaign continues to position Amscot as one more friend, especially during life changing experiences, such as in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria and political unrest driving Puerto Ricans to establish roots in Florida, while embracing the Venezuelan diaspora’s entrepreneurial spirit and rooting for our multi-tasking, multicultural millennials.”

The state’s Puerto Rican population mushroomed following the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. Florida is home to the largest concentration of Puerto Ricans residing stateside. “

Amscot Financial launched its first Florida-wide, Spanish-bilingual campaign with Semilla AD in 2013 during Amscot’s expansion to South Florida and continues to actively cater to Florida’s evolving Hispanic market with culturally-dedicated campaigns reflecting their customers evolving financial needs.

The Amscot Financial broadcast media campaign launched mid-November and airs across the largest Hispanic DMAs in Florida — Miami-Dade, Orlando and Tampa, with a rotation of 30, fifteen-second, combined TV and radio executions.

“We knew our authentic storytelling hit a nerve when our multi-ethnic actors reacted with tears, laughter and a sense of nostalgia while delivering their performances. Each spot depicts unique circumstances and culturally-influenced nuances with universal appeal,” said Shirley Attia, Semilla AD’s Creative Director.

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