Meet generation Z, the next generation of Super Creatives [REPORT]

Raised with mature social media, online creative tools and gesture recognition at their fingertips, and with entrepreneurial platforms to broadcast their wares, generation Z is defining a new era of influence and creative communication. This group, aged 13 to 22 years old, are already monetizing their outputs, building empires, e-zines, influencer communities and more – all while using visual tools like those available on Snapchat to propel their influence. Their creative arsenal – face swaps, selfies, AR Lenses, lip syncing and emojis – has become the expressive staple of the digital arena, and now this group is using video, sound, animation and more to create rich new visual landscapes, lobby for their favorite causes, and create new income streams. Meet the gen Z Super Creatives: the supercharged multidisciplinary culture of creative talent. And your new consumers.Into Z Future reveals everything brands and marketers need to know about this passionate and driven generation. It examines the hacks, tips and tricks gen Z uses on social platforms; shows brands how they can successfully engage this generation; and predicts what this creative shift means for the future of creativity and talent.

The report includes bespoke data collected from over 1,200 people aged 13-22 in the United States and United Kingdom, case studies offering a closer look at 5 gen Z Super Creatives, an outline of the key creative themes underpinning this generation, interviews with researchers, experts and media influencers, and unique insights into this complex generation.

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