Getting Media Right [REPORT]

If marketers understand the need for a balanced approach to understanding performance, why do they still focus on short-term sales as the primary indicator of campaign success?This year, in our 5th annual Getting Media Right study, we find that marketers are continuing to struggle with measuring and proving ROI, primarily due to their approach – while a majority recognize they should look at a blend of short-term sales & long-term brand as indicators of performance, a large portion of marketers still focus on short-term sales.

In addition, there’s still work to be done to align media strategies and to incorporate an even more complete view of the marketing program by combining insights and strategies for media and content. In fact, the new generation of Millennial marketers, in particular, prove to be least convinced that marketing strategies are sufficiently integrated and that the media mix is optimized.

This year, we’ll explore how the industry is progressing on creating holistic, integrated marketing and provide pertinent implications and practical recommendations for Getting Media Right.

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