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The 2020 Census is just around the corner and the nation, the states and counties need to prepare to measure the US population correctly. Due to the demographic composition of the West Palm Beach Hispanic Consumer base, a more effective communication and out reach program will be required. For every new Census registration in the county, the county receives over $1,500 per resident registered for county government use. In the State of Florida, West Palm Beach County is going to have a dramatic change in population alignment.

Currently, the Census population breakdown as follows:

The expansion of the Hispanic Population in West Palm Beach County is a phenomenon that many residents, business and government are not prepared to manage. With the gender breakout almost evenly split amongst West Palm Beach Hispanic Consumers, the pressure to deliver services for children’s and consumer education and healthcare will increase dramatically. Hispanic Consumers tend to be younger and the White (non-Hispanic) population is older, thus requiring a shift in thinking from local businesses and government on how they will allocate their funds to serve the West Palm Beach County community. The West Palm Beach Hispanic Consumer is very different that the core Hispanic Consumers of cities such as Miami, Orlando and Tampa. These cities register a majority of the Hispanic Consumer composition as Caribbean based (Puerto Rico, Cuba and the Dominican Republic). The West Palm Beach County Hispanic Consumer composition is very different (Geoscape 2017):

  • Central American represent – 45%
  • Caribbean represents – 34%
  • South American represent – 20%

Another point of interest about the county’s Hispanic Consumers is that 86% of the Hispanic in West Palm Beach County speaks Spanish primarily. Due to the unique composition of the West Palm Beach County Hispanic Consumer base, the ability measure this unique consumer base effectively in the past and in the upcoming 2020 Census will determine the massive increase in the demographic shift in the county. Conclusions:

  • Understanding the importance Hispanic Consumers from a social, political and business perspective could either be beneficial or advantageous for current business and government entities.


  • Reaching Hispanic Consumers in the county is not a simple task, but a complex analysis and requires a strategic effort to effectively and efficiently reach and conveys messages.


  • There are no cookie-cutter tactics or solutions to reach Hispanic Consumers that have been used in other Florida markets with high-density Hispanic populations that will work in West Palm Beach County due to a very different Hispanic Consumer base than other markets.

About the Author Eugenio (Gene) Bryan is a veteran and highly regarded Hispanic Market marketer and media sales executive that owns and operated minority owned business. Hispanic Market Services is a minority owned full service advertising and marketing agency located in West Palm Beach. Palm Beach Multicultural News is a minority owned and operated daily trade journal designed to help the over 1,500 Minority Owned Business in the county better understand the opportunities and challenges they face in the business environment.

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