In-Car Audio 2018 [REPORT]

The Top 10 Takeaways from Miles Different: In-Car Audio 2018:

  •     The car is as important as ever.
  •     The car is the top location for audio listening.
  •     Broadcast radio remains the king of in-car audio.
  •     Consumers have many more options for audio in cars.
  •     When people have more options they use more options.
  •     Drivers of the newest cars are…miles different.
  •     The agent of change is SiriusXM.
  •     Traffic reports as we know them are doomed.
  •     Streaming not yet a big factor, but…
  •     We are just at the dawn of change.

Miles Different: In-Car Audio 2018 uses data from Edison’s Share of Ear® study, The Infinite Dial in partnership with Triton Digital, and a special in-car survey in partnership with NPR.

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