Reach Multicultural Audiences with Pandora

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Publishers today rely on language, endemic content or third-party data to identify multicultural consumers online, but recent studies have shown that multicultural digital behavior is changing. Hispanics, for instance, are using English to conduct online activities like shopping and researching, and while their appetite for culturally relevant content is increasing, the number of Hispanic focused properties is not. As a result, these audiences are leaning on streaming platforms to satisfy their content needs. Pandora is one of the leading streaming platforms, allowing consumers to connect with their favorite online content – music.

A recent Pandora survey revealed that 74% of Hispanics and 68% of Black listeners use music to connect to culture. Their listening behavior on the platform, coupled with data obtained through user surveys, allows Pandora to go beyond language to reach a precise audience and grow with them as their behaviors evolve.

Today, advertisers can leverage Pandora’s Spanish Preferred, Bilingual, Asian, Indian, and Black American segments to deliver the right message, to the right user, in the right language, at the right time. In addition, multicultural inventory can now be purchased programmatically through Pandora’s private marketplaces (PMPs). These private marketplaces offer unmatched scale with quality data and best-in-class targeting capabilities for advertisers looking for premium digital inventory where they can tell their brand story and drive superior results.

By engaging multicultural listeners, Pandora continues to prove that music is both a powerful and effective way to identify multicultural audiences online. To learn more about Pandora’s multicultural capabilities, check out their multicultural offerings and download the Pandora Programmatic Buying Guide.

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