ASIAN AMERICANS – Digital Lives and Growing Influence [REPORT]

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Growing faster than the general population and maintaining income and education rates higher than any other racial or ethnic group, Asian Americans continue to make gains as tech-enabled influencers with unlimited potential. Asian Americans have the added advantage of maintaining ties with brands based in their native countries that are global leaders in smartphone manufacturing, social media and online commerce. They outpace non-Hispanic Whites in ownership of the latest digital devices and are also more likely to use their digital devices. They are early adopters and are loyal to the brands they deem perform well. Asian Americans are also more likely to use their digital devices to purchase products online, listen to music and radio, watch TV or movies and carry out other daily lifestyle functions. With Asian Americans’ confidence and economic standing poised to gain even more traction, companies and brands will be wise to heed the needs and aspirations of these trending, tech-savvy consumers.

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