Parents Reveal Their Back-To-School Purchasing Intentions

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As the back-to-school shopping season heats up, a new report from Morning Consult finds a majority of parents plan on spending at least $200 on their child’s back-to-school shopping.Key takeaways:

Majority of parents plan to spend more than $200 on back-to-school shopping: Overall, 56 percent of parents plan to spend the same amount on back-to-school shopping as last year, while 30 percent say they will spend more than last year and 14 percent say they will buy less.

  •     Fifty-one percent of parents will spend over $200 on their child’s back-to-school shopping, while 44 percent say they will spend less than $200.
  •     Seventy-three percent expect to spend most of their budget on clothes; 11 percent anticipate spending the most on school supplies and 10 percent will spend the most on electronics.

Parents more likely to shop at brick-and-mortar stores than last year: Seventy-one percent of parents of preschoolers to 12th-graders say they plan to do more of their shopping for their children at brick-and-mortar stores, up from 66 percent who said the same last year

  •     Only 7 percent of parents say they will do more of their shopping online, within the margin of error of the 11 percent who said the same in 2017. And 19 percent of parents plan to purchase back-to-school items from both physical stores and online equally – the same percentage as the year prior.

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