What Millennials Expect From Brands [REPORT]

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The report uses data from over 2,000 interviews with U.S. adults and examines what millennials expect from the brands they use.

Key takeaways:

  •     While millennials are more globally conscious, it doesn’t necessarily mean they need their brands to be: While a majority of millennials (52%) say helping people across the world is an important value in their life, the average millennial doesn’t pay close attention to the politics of brands, aren’t open to boycotting brands over politics, and haven’t boycotted over politics in the past year.
  •     How brands should navigate social and political issues: While millennials do generally track more liberal, issues like abortion, immigration, and gun control remain controversial to some extent. If a brand wants to win favor politically with millennials, the least controversial political issues to take up include support for civil rights and gay rights.
  •     Millennials are less likely to care about “American Made”: Nearly four in ten (39%) of millennials say they would like a company much more if they made their goods in America, compared with 58% of boomers who say the same.
  •     Millennials have a strong affinity for tech brands: All five of the most loved brands among young adults are tech companies: YouTube, Google, Netflix, Amazon, and Sony.

Here are the most loved brands among young adults ordered by net favorability:

The Most Loved Brands Among Young Adults
1. YouTube (82%)
2. Google (81%)
3. Netflix (80%)
4. Amazon (74%)
5. Sony (72%)
6. Pixar (71%)
(tie)Hershey (71%)
8. UPS (69%)
(tie)Dollar Tree (69%)
10. Colgate (68%)

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