How tech will transform content discovery [REPORT]

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The ability to harness new technologies is essential: AI, metadata, and machine learning are set to revolutionize content discovery as we know it. But how?

Through an online survey, this new, original research exposes consumer attitudes and experiences with the discovery of media content. This report also reveals:

  •     Is digital discovery of video still hard for consumers?
  •     How/when/where do consumers discover content?
  •     How does the discovery of video content compare to the discovery of finding other types of media?
  •     Are consumers overwhelmed or overjoyed by choice?
  •     How influential is social media in the discovery of content?
  •     How influential are streaming services in the discovery of content?
  •     How can personalized recommendations be improved?
  •     In what ways can my company harness new technologies to keep consumers satisfied?

To download report CLICK HERE.


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