Challenges of Being Latino in Corporate America

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In light of the alarming statistic that even though Latinos make up nearly 20 percent of the U.S. population, they only represent 4 percent of executives in Corporate America, the authors of a new book shed light on why it’s critical to have more Latino and Latina leaders and how those leaders can excel.

The new book “Auténtico, The Definitive Guide to Latino Career Success” is co-authored by Latino executives Andrés Tomás Tapia, a senior partner and Inclusion Strategies Solutions leader at Korn Ferry, and Robert Rodríguez, PhD.

In this book, the authors explore the Latino version of the corporate success narrative by interviewing 20 successful Latino and Latina Baby Boomer, GenX, and Millennial executives and emerging leaders.

Some of the Latino executives who offer important advice include Darren Rebelez, President of IHOP; Paul Raines, CEO of GameStop; Monica Lozano, board director for Target Corporation and Bank of America; and Jorge Figueredo, executive vice president of Human Resources at McKesson.

The book delivers the following insights:

Candid descriptions of what the Latino leader experience has been in a corporate America still mired in conscious and unconscious biases
Maintaining Latino cultural identity in the midst of pressures to assimilate to the rise to the top
The cultural assets and liabilities of Latino and Latina executives
The accomplishments and aspirations of the next generation of Latinx leaders
A 10-point Manifesto of what is required to accelerate the advancement of Latinos and Latinas

“This book is a must read both for Latino and Latina professionals seeking the secrets of successful careers and leadership advancement, and for leaders of corporations who understand that to advance Latino talent is to make their organizations stronger and more sustainable in an increasingly diverse world,” said Korn Ferry Hay Group CEO Mark Arian.

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